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Allfeat interconnects Music Decentralized Applications

Allfeat is a blockchain hosting decentralized applications (DApps) through smart contracts, offering advanced features tailored for the music industry.

Our network

Allfeat is a decentralized and secure infrastructure for the music industry

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Our platform is already running many independent ambitious projects

Artys Building

Members governed ecosystem of features enabling artists to earn fair compensation through improved streaming economic models.

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Made Of Sound Building

Directly Support Your Favorite Artists. Interact with other fans. Unlock Rewards and Special Offers.

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Recall By Building

Agency blending music and Web3, allowing Avant-Garde formats and certified, enriched client experiences.

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NF-Ticket Building

Experience secure, enhanced events by transforming tickets into a richer experience.

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Minted Waves Building

NFT collective for underground electronic artists, helping them showcase, sell, and connect.

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Indecrew Building

We help artists finance their projects and generate additional income to make a better living from their art.

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